If you’d like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We’d love to hear about your experience!

“Rigsbee Orthodontics was amazing throughout my whole process of braces! They were able to leave me with an amazing smile and straight teeth. I was definitely able to see a change from before I had braces to now! Rigsbee is an amazing orthodontic office and I would definitely recommend to others!”

— Erin G.

“My son absolutely does not like the traditional way of taking an impression (trays with impression material), so much that he had anxiety prior to his initial appointment. At the initial appointment, Lori made his day! He found out that no tray or impression material would be placed in his mouth; instead, they would use a small hand-held camera to digitally scan his mouth! Talk about one happy kid, no gagging!”

— Kelly S.

“Rigsbee Orthodontics is the absolute best in Indiana. Not only is their customer service phenomenal but they will not finish treatment until it is perfect. I highly recommend working with Karina as well, as she does a great job and is so nice.”

— Megan B.

“Dr. Hall and her staff have provided excellent service, even with my difficult case. I wasn’t sure about getting braces at my age but they made it easy and affordable. I highly recommend them. Thanks for giving me back my smile!!!”

— Vickie J.

“My teeth by the end of it looked so good and it was done in such a quick process with no problems at all. I would recommend this place to anyone who needs braces. An amazing ortho.”

— Trevor M.